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Monday–Friday: 8 am–9 pm Saturday: 8 am–3 pm

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+48 733 325 000

Call Us

+48 733 325 000

Opening hours

Monday–Friday: 8 am–9 pm Saturday: 8 am–3 pm

We offer a full range of services

We treat more than just teeth in a patient

We have an experienced team

Interdisciplinarity sets the direction

We use modern technologies

They help us provide an effective and a safe treatment

Dear Patients!

At our facility, all the staff members maintain the highest standard of security, starting from the front desk, through assistants and doctors themselves. The health of patients and our employees is our highest priority. Doctors, assistants and receptionists wear special overalls, protectors, caps, goggles, and FFP3 masks combined with a surgical mask worn over it, as well as a sterile apron – changed after each patient.

Before visiting the Saskie Health and Wellness Center, every patient:

  • Has a telephone interview;
  • Can get a free remote consultation;
  • Has their temperature measured before entering the office, and completes all COVID-19-related paperwork;
  • Leaves their clothes in the cloakroom outside;
  • Undergoes contactless disinfection;
  • Gets dressed in: overalls – apron, safety shoes, sterile mask, goggles and gloves.

The entire Saskie Center is continuously ozonized with top-of-the-line equipment. We use flow tunnels that sterilize rooms with UV-C radiation. Ultraviolet radiation has been used successfully for years to sanitize surfaces, tools and indoor air.

Our office is 100% secure.

Why Saskie Health and Wellness Center?

Your dentist in Saska Kępa

An alternative to Dr. Google

Increasingly more people are looking on-line for health information by typing a problem into a Google search window. Not surprisingly, the phrase “Dr. Google” entered public circulation very quickly. The Internet contains a lot of information, but not always the best and true pieces, and this also applies to dentistry. Nothing can replace patient’s meeting with a doctor.

Diagnosis – we know the happy medium

We are fans of modern technology, but most importantly: we listen to what the patient and their body is saying. Our high-end tomograph combined with the knowledge and experience of our doctors guarantee safety – the basis of each, even the smallest procedure.

Treatment provided only according to the medical art

We only practice methods based on Evidence Based Dentistry – dentistry based on the very facts. We participate in trainings and workshops in Poland and abroad, investing in high quality equipment, providing treatment based on the most current standards and recommendations. We apply comprehensive approach, even when dealing with a small problem.

More than a prescription

We build dental awareness among patients with integrity. It is one thing to successfully treat something, but another to convince people of proper prevention. Correct hygiene, adequate diet, use of fluoride toothpaste and regular office visits are the foundations of oral health. We know how to achieve a healthy smile!

About Saskie Health and Wellness Center

Are you looking for the word “dental”, “dentist” or “tooth” in our facility name? You won’t find it! We believe that a modern dental office is a place that takes a much broader view of oral health issues.

Why a Health and Wellness Center? Because here in Warsaw, in Saska Kępa, we have created a facility where your health and the whiteness of your teeth are not the only things we would like to take care of. First of all, we want to convince you that the oral cavity is an important part of the body, manifesting not only the symptoms of caries, but also other chronic diseases.

Who are we? Certainly an alternative to the “all-knowing” Dr. Google, a first aid in unbearable pain for some, and the last resort for others. Undoubtedly, we are the friends of your teeth, the confidants of the secrets hidden in your mouth, the intermediaries in the process of searching for a perfect smile or changing your image. We are a team of doctors who love dentistry and take great pleasure in their work.

What do we do? At the Saskie Health and Wellness Center, we consult, plan and treat virtually all areas of dentistry: conservative, surgery, implantology, orthodontics, prosthodontics and periodontics. We also treat ENT disorders, such as snoring (breathing disorders) and dental physiotherapy (treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders).

Who are we waiting for? We did not create our Center to treat the wealthiest patients of the capital city, or only children. We are right next door to you, at the intersection of al. Stanów Zjednoczonych and ul. Międzynarodowa, waiting FOR ALL OF YOU. Close as your neighbors, professional, and honest!

You can visit our Center without fear, even in situations when:

A visit to any dentist is significantly different from those remembered by older patients, based on their own experiences, and known by younger patients from comedies. Modern dentistry is virtually painless, and a visit to our Center can even be pleasant.

Dawno nie odwiedzałeś stomatologa? Masz poczucie winy lub wstydu, ale boisz się zrobić pierwszy krok? Głowa do góry. Nie jesteś sam. Do Centrum trafia wielu pacjentów, którzy mieli podobny problem, a dziś śmieją się z niego do łez. Nasi dentyści to dyskretni i wyrozumiali lekarze. Wiele widzieli, wiele rozumieją. Z pewnością znajdziemy wspólny język.

Regularne wizyty u dentysty nie muszą rujnować domowego budżetu. W przypadku długookresowych planów leczenia koszty można rozłożyć na raty, a dokładnie na MediRaty. To znakomita alternatywa, dzięki której nie musisz od razu pozbawiać się gotówki.

Czasami z innej perspektywy widać wszystko inaczej, wyraźniej. Podobnie jest w stomatologii. Tworzymy doświadczony zespół, w większości złożony ze specjalistów z tytułami naukowymi, chętnie przyjrzymy się Twojej historii leczenia.

Coś strzyka, ale nie wiesz, co. Często boli, ale nie znasz przyczyny? Bóle w obrębie głowy i szyi to coraz częstsza zmora pacjentów na całym świecie. Niewielu jednak wie, że gabinet stomatologiczny, który współpracuje z fizjoterapeutą, to najlepszy adres aby zaradzić tajemniczym problemom.

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    The Saskie Health and Wellness Center is a place where doctors of various specialties work together so that no problem – even a potentially small one – would be overlooked. We believe that an interdisciplinary approach to each case creates the foundation for effective, safe and comfortable treatment. This philosophy, combined with the modern diagnostics performed at our Center, creates a specific protective barrier against medical complications, the need for patient revisits, or high costs that must be borne by the patient.

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